Singing with Your Eyes Closed

Hey there, readers.  I’m back in a place where I sleep in a real bed, plan my own meals, and use the Internet.  Also, my husband and child are here.  So, as great as it was to spend a week serving with the youth, it’s pretty great to be back.

To tide you over while I gather my blogging wits, I present to you my very first guest blogging appearance: the top five witch and wizard fantasy novels I’m recommending for your summer reading list.  And don’t think Dungeons and Dragons.  Think . . . well, think awesome.  Click on over and check it out, and check out all the other great posts on Rochelle’s blog while you’re there!

Praise Song Video Bonus: Here’s one of the songs I liked best during our mission trip worship time.  I chose this acoustic cover because it comes closest to the way this kind of song sounds best–in a room full of faith-filled teenagers and one guitar player, singing their hearts out with their eyes closed.

What are you singing with your eyes closed these days?  Or, what’s on your summer reading list?


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