Why My Stories are Boring but My Heart is Happy

I sometimes say that if I had a tougher life, I would be a better preacher.

I have no idea whether or not this is true.

But I can say with some confidence that if I had a tougher group of youth, I would have better mission trip stories.

Amazingly, not only were my three youth (and my one adult male leader) faithful and engaged all week long, all the other youth (and most of the adults) were, too.

If you want a planter that looks like a donut, I know someone who can do that for you.

The singing.  The serving.  The toilet plunging.  All of it was done with willing hearts and surprising skill.  (Seriously, people.  That toilet was bad news.)  Where was the whining?  Where was the kid who wanders off at lunchtime, the kid who refuses to interact with anyone he doesn’t already know, the kid who gets lost or injured or stung by a bee?

Nowhere to be found.  The fifty or so folks who came to Cass Lake with Youthworks last week–and the four staff members who were waiting for us–were a truly impressive bunch.  God is up to something in Cass Lake, and it is, in the parlance of youth ministry, legitly awesome and amazing.

This is the Hunger Games version of our group photo.



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6 responses to “Why My Stories are Boring but My Heart is Happy

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    Love the story. I wish more kids had this opportunity!


    • I know it! One of the reflection questions for our small group discussions was something like, “Most teenagers in the world will never get to go on a mission trip. How will you use this opportunity?”


  2. Theresa Nelson

    Really like the donut tires planters! Very creative. Maybe I smell a fundraiser????? Welcome back!


  3. I love the donut planters, too! However, I do not think my husband is going to let me put severel of them in the front yard. He is a party pooper that way!


    • I think there is something very Floridian about them–all of them, really. The colors and the general sense of whimsy. I sure hope the recipients enjoy them!


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