How to Be Welcomed Home

1. Arrive at nap time to find your child already tucked in bed.

2. Find your husband tidying up the living room.

3. Glance nervously at the kitchen sink and see that it is free of dirty dishes.

4. Realize that the house looks at least as neat as it did when you left it.

5. Notice this sign:

Nothing says, “Welcome home!” like . . . well, like a handmade sign that literally says “Welcome home!”  It was so wonderful to discover this in my nice, clean kitchen.

Even more wonderful, of course, was the reunion with the sign makers themselves:

Oh, how I love these two.  (They also made some Welcome Home Bread on Sunday, which was ready to eat moments before I headed out to preach Sunday evening.  They are keepers, this family of mine.)

What’s the best (or worst) welcome you’ve received?



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4 responses to “How to Be Welcomed Home

  1. So wonderful to read this.You have such a precious family!


  2. Kristin

    i love it!

    one of my best welcomes-home was when you and katie planned a surprise birthday party for me! remember that? such a special day!


  3. Sarah

    I LOVE that!


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