What Playing Softball Taught Me About God

Dottie Schroeder, catcher, shouting play ball

I am bad at softball.

I mean, bad.  I can’t hit.  Or throw.  Or catch.  Or run very fast.

I tried to explain this to our church softball team, but they brushed my cautions aside.  “You’re the pastor, and you play,” they said.

I thought they would change their minds once they saw me in action.  (Pro Tip: I am not exaggerating the lack of skill I bring to this game.)  But this is my third summer at First and Beckville, and my third season “playing” church ball.

View of All American Girls Professional Baseball League member Dottie Schroeder getting a hit: Opa-locka, Florida

Last night was my first game.  It was a hot, hot, humid, humid, humid night.  My glove was immediately filled with sweat and my shoes were immediately covered with dust.

I distinguished myself early by not only failing to catch a ball but also getting hit in the chin with it as it bounced off the ground.  Things did not get better from there.

But here’s the thing.  Nobody gave me a hard time about it.  They teased me a little, but in a lighthearted, good-natured way.  “Good game,” we all said as we shook hands.

Because of church softball, I know that God’s grace is real.  Only grace keeps inviting us to be a part of things no matter how often we fail.  Only grace keeps welcoming us to the team no matter how obviously we don’t deserve a spot in the line up.  Only grace says “Good game” at the end no matter how the game really went.

Thank you, team, and thank you, God, for such a gift of grace.

Recess at a School in Chattaroy, West Virginia, near Williamson, Finds a Girl Ready to Play Softball...04/1974



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