Birthday Bonanza

“It’s my birthday!”

Zoe has made this proclamation every day this week, and so far we are letting it slide.  We are still celebrating–a visit from Grandma and Grandpa began Thursday night, Aunt Claire arrived late Friday night, and Zoe’s birthday party is today.  Feels like a constant birthday to me!

Here are a few photos of the fun we’ve had so far:

Relaxing after supper at the Peppermint Twist.

Sending plastic ducks up and downstream at Amaze ‘n Farmyard.

Being a flower.

What are you celebrating this weekend?



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8 responses to “Birthday Bonanza

  1. kara

    We have been celebrating Hannah’s birthday for almost a month! She is still getting gifts and we could not have her friends party until next week! She is al ittle birthday monster!


    • Ha! I think Zoe will get one more gift on our family vacation next week, and then it can be Daddy’s and Grandma Marilyn’s birthday for a while (theirs is July 16th). So, we have a handy transition point, anyway!


  2. Jenny Olsztynski

    Great photos. It pays to be the only grandchild and have lots of birthday days. I am celebrating another beautiful day on the Flathead Lake, being alone and still in my pajamas at 1 p.m.!


  3. I am clebrating the first birthday of my city!!! Jurupa Vally is one year old tomorrow. Big Party tonight at out local water park. Looking forward to it!


  4. For my 30th birthday friends surprised me with a “party” two months early in July. Nothing wrong at all with stretching out the festivities. Happy Birthday to your adorable one.


    • Well, that’s a good point! I think we will do a little celebrating on a Cumings family vacation next week with the aunt and uncle who couldn’t make it to the party. And then, luckily, just a week after that it’s her dad’s birthday. I like a two-month early surprise party–much easier to actually surprise a person!


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