Hot Enough for You?

I wanted to have a brilliant post for you today.

I wanted to make my own Top Ten Tuesday topic.  Red, White, and Blue Reads, I thought.  Or, Best Banned Books.  Or maybe, Best Books I’ve Gotten for Free.  (An Independence Day theme, you see.)

But it’s hot and humid in Minnesota this week, and my sweaty little mind just couldn’t pull itself together.  So, here are some refreshing winter photos from our friends at Flickr.  Grab a cold glass of something, look at these, and dream of snow.

Or, you know, temperatures below ninety degrees.  Take your pick.

Snow scene, Union Sq. (LOC)

First snow of the season in the foothills of the Little Belt Mountain, Lewis and Clark National Forest, Meagher County, Montana (LOC)

Students having a snowball fight

What are your favorite ways to stay cool?



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10 responses to “Hot Enough for You?

  1. I hear ya. This weather is not really fun anymore! I have no motivation to do anything. I just finished “Bloom” by Kelle Hampton though. Good read!


    • Nice! We have been watching movies in the afternoons–just too hot to play outside. Luckily Zoe is currently obsessed with Toy Story, so at least we’re watching something I like, too!


  2. Oddly enough, when I woke up this morning it was over cast and cool, very unusual for July 3rd here in inland So cal. It is warming up now, though. You have my sympathy!!!


    • The worst of the heat and humidity broke last night! It is still in the 80s, but much more pleasant than it has been. I still felt bad for the costumed characters at the Penny and Pals concert we saw this morning, though–I would not want to wear a bear suit or a robot suit in July!


  3. Sue

    Air conditioning. I know, not very sustainable… but you asked. Either that or by traveling to a cooler location. Again, not sustainable either. Darn.


    • I know, I have been using a lot air conditioning these last few weeks! And we are going somewhere cooler this week, too. I guess the answer is: eat more ice cream?


  4. FoundTravel

    Mind over matter! I like the use of the picture to think of cool and colder things! Growing up in South Africa (parts of which can get extremely hot… although a dry heat!) my grandma used to give us hot tea or coffee…. raises the body temperature and then you feel cool after. (Or so the goes the Old Wives’ Tale!)


  5. “I wish I were a piece of fruit so I could hang out in the freezer today.” My 6-year-old.


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