A Little Flag Waving

It turns out I need two Fourth of July posts, because: Yankee Doodle Dandy.

AC.Cagn.J.001 James Cagney

Not the song you sang in elementary school.  The movie starring James Cagney, who it turns out can dance like nobody’s business and sing like . . . well, like, a guy who’s talking in rhythm.

Mike introduced me to this movie around the time I introduced him to Singing in the Rain (a similar premise, but in technicolor!).  It is one of his very favorites, and we try to watch it every year on or around the Fourth.  Technically, it is Zoe’s first movie.  (Pro Tip: Since she was eight days old, it is unlikely she remembers more than the really big numbers.)

You can watch the last two scenes here (James Cagney as George M. Cohan is talking to Some Guy as the President of the United States).  Here’s a great Cohan song, Over There.  And here’s Jimmy Cagney dancing down the stairs:


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