“And Beyond!”

I didn’t know what Zoe would make of the big pool at Uncle Donny’s house.  No steps to play on, no shallow end for a three-year-old to wade in.

Well.  After about three minutes of clinging to the front of my swim suit, she was queen of the pool.

“Let me float!” she commanded, grinning as she rested on top of the water in her bright orange life vest.

“Farther back!” she demanded, sticking her arms out in front of her and hurling herself from the deck into the pool and my outstretched arms.

We did that one over and over (and over and over) again.  Almost every time she jumped, she yelled, “And beyond!”  If you don’t recognize it, you probably haven’t watched Toy Story four times in the last two days.  It’s the end of Buzz Lightyear’s catch phrase and rallying cry: “To Infinity–and beyond!”

And it was fun.  Really fun.  But it was also a hint of things to come, when I will move farther and farther back, giving Zoe room to make a big splash, room to belly flop.

No, I’m not crying.  That’s just the chlorine making my eyes water.

What are some growing up moments you remember from your childhood, or your child’s childhood?


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2 responses to ““And Beyond!”

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    Watching my youngest daughter leave Wilmette with her three best high school friends and head to California for college. I had been crying all day. But when we got to the house of ‘deportation’, her friends (all boys) insisted on repacking the car because Ellie had so much stuff. It took an hour for those boys to repack everything which gave the other mothers and I time to laugh. As I watched her drive away, I knew I would never get her back (at least to Chicago). Ellie’s favorite book was The Runaway Bunny….go figure. And just like Mama Bunny, wherever she goes I find her!
    Enjoy these great moments of Zoe exerting her independence and know that she will always need you.


    • Oh my goodness, I immediately start to cry if I think too long about Zoe going off to college . . . in fifteen years. But it sure goes fast, and she will always be my little bunny, just like Ellie!


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