Pancakes in the Park!

When I lived in Milwaukee, I was overwhelmed by all the summer festivals: Summer Fest, Irish Fest, Polish Fest, Asian Moon, and on and on and on.

Now that I live in Litchfield, there is only one: Watercade.

Watercade is a big deal around here.  There are all kinds of athletic events (races and . . . well, I’ll be honest, that’s not the part of Watercade I really get into).  There’s music, a craft fair, a beach party, fireworks, the coronation of Miss Litchfield, and a parade.

And I love the parade.  And the music and the craft fair.  But I have to say: my favorite part is the food.

Specifically, my favorite part is pancakes in the park.  What a brilliant idea, right?  Every year, I drag my family to Central Park and stand in line for the most delicious pancakes this side of my dad’s kitchen.  The fine gentlemen of the Kiwanis club are serving them up along with sausages, milk, and coffee.  It is a glorious way to spend a Friday morning.

We did it today, and even though Mike and Zoe have bad colds and I have a hurty foot (Pro Tip: that’s a technical term), it was still lovely.  Piping hot pancakes at a picnic table, followed by running around pretending to be a tiger and playing hide and seek with some wonderfully obliging eleven-year-olds.

Life in Litchfield is good.

What’s your favorite outdoor food?


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8 responses to “Pancakes in the Park!

  1. purpleowltree1234

    Pancakes in the park sound Awesome!! 🙂 Why don’t they do that here?
    My favourite outdoor food is the good old snag. You can smell them for miles and the scent draws me like a hungry bear. A snag (sausage) in bread with onions and ketchup. 🙂 There are often barbeques of snags outside stores here, raising money for some group. I am a faithful supporter of such ventures. 🙂 Yum! I’m hungry! I better go make breakfast. 🙂
    I’m enjoying your Blog, as ever. 🙂
    love from Rach.


    • They should do it everywhere! It is great. A “snag”–I love the word, although of course I wouldn’t eat the actual item. Thanks for reading, Rach!


  2. kara

    You are going to love love love my home times festival, PANCAKE DAY!!!! Yup, we base a whole day on making pancakes. Free pancakes all morning into the afternoon. As far as your eyes can see. The tent is set up in on our square, the largest in the world by the way, and out they popl. There is a craft show, kiddie parade, big parade. a Pancake Day queen, a dance and all of the great stuff that comes with Pancake day. I have not been for a bit but it was fun. It will have to be something that Hannah’s sees at some point in her life.


    • Pancake Day!!! What a great idea for a festival! It sounds like something out of a picture book. Definitely take Hannah. I bet she would rock the Kiddie Parade!


  3. kara

    PS according to a news article I read they serve over 10,000 pancakes a year. i guess there are 27 griddles, each griddle has 8 pancakes and they flip out pancakes every 5 minutes. it is a sight.


  4. I spent 18 full years in Litchfield, have been through the parade three times as a member of the marching band, and have been in town for a few Watercades after graduating high school. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Pancakes in the Park. Is it possible that the Lind family does Watercade wrong?


    • Emily, I wouldn’t dream of saying that the Lind family does anything wrong. Certainly not Watercade. But, next year, you should definitely arrange your schedule so you can be here for the pancakes. Put it on the calendar now!


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