Summer Interlude

She ditched the butterfly wings before the Kiddie Parade even started but kept the tutu on all day long.

While the jazz band played good and loud, the people milled around, and the sun beat down, we found a shady spot on the grass and sat down with our Thelma’s Frozen Lemonade.  We passed it back and forth, savoring each sweet, tart, frosty sip.  We grinned at each other.  In all that noise, we felt quiet.

She lay back on the grass with a thoughtful, pleased expression on her face.  What thoughts does a three-year-old think on a summer morning like this?



Filed under Your Moment of Zoe

4 responses to “Summer Interlude

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    What a great picture! I would love to know what she was thinking.


  2. purpleowltree1234

    This is a beautiful post. 🙂 A beautiful window into your relationship with your daughter. 🙂 She looks so happy. And you sound it.
    Love from Rach.


  3. “Ahhh. Life’s good.” And she will remember it all her life, her favorite time, lying on the grass on a beautiful day exchanging smiles with mom. Nothing else needed. 😀


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