How to Recognize Summer in Rural Minnesota

1. Mosquitoes the size of Buicks roam freely.

2. Wal-Mart is sold out of the Benadryl Itch Relief Stick, the only product your daughter will accept to soothe her golf-ball-sized mosquito bites.

3. Instead, soothe that mosquito-inflicted pain at any number of Pie and Ice Cream Socials.

4. Because you were outside in the evening eating pie and ice cream, return to step one.  Repeat as needed until the crickets sing and fall arrives.

How do you know it’s summer where you are?

Teenage Worker Detasseling Corn in a Field During the Summer near New Ulm, Minnesota...


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6 responses to “How to Recognize Summer in Rural Minnesota

  1. Susan Latzke

    Summer here is a house filled with grandchildren . Sand is tracked everywhere from the beach . A fire in the firepit roars often, even with the summer heat to make smores and roast hotdogs . water balloon fights occur at least once per week and Grandma is the major target !! What fun we have !!!


  2. Thank you for reminding me why I live in So Cal. I can’t stand those itchy bites!!! But, in case you want to know, summer is about tank tops and cold drinks!!! And trying not to get a farmer tan on my arms! And visiting the beach at least once.


    • Yeah, the mosquitoes are not a selling point of summer in Minnesota. Tank tops and cold drinks, though–a great part of summer anywhere. I had a Starbucks iced chai latte on the way home from our mission trip (a rare treat, since the closest Starbucks is 45 minutes away), and I nearly wept it was so good.


  3. Liz L.

    Summer is planning my outdoor music/festival weekends. Too many to choose from here. (Also attempting to sooth mosquito bites! Ugh, they love my blood.)


    • Nice! I find the Benadryl spray to be sort of okay on the bite front. Not great, but easy and not messy, which is something. They love me and Zoe, too.


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