Why I Love Being a Pastor in This Place

On Monday afternoon, I preached and presided at her brother-in-law’s funeral.

On Wednesday night, I put my foot in her lap so she could determine whether a visit to the doctor was in order.

(Pro Tip: When Muriel–nurse, farm wife, mother of eight, grandmother of many–tells you to go to the doctor, you sure as shooting go.)

How wonderful to be part of this community, where care is given and received.    Where we need each other, and we know it.

And where, while we’re on the subject, the pie is delicious, the pickles are fabulous, and the strawberry blueberry rhubarb jam cannot be beat.

What makes your community special?

[Display of home-canned food] (LOC)



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2 responses to “Why I Love Being a Pastor in This Place

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    Yesterday we went to the Lakeside Montana fair and parade. I asked my granddaughters what they liked best. Addy, age 7, liked the horse pooping in front of us. Sophie, age 5, liked the lady who stepped in the horse poop. And Vivi, age 2, just keeps walking around saying ‘horsey poop’.


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