How I Know We’re in Trouble

A sampling of our supper table conversation Thursday night:

Me: You are a cute child.

Zoe: No, I’m not.

Me: No?  Well, what are you?

Zoe: I’m a pretty child.

Lord help us.

When did you know you were doomed?


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6 responses to “How I Know We’re in Trouble

  1. I am waiting for that shoe to drop with my own two-year-old. Not eagerly, for the record. 🙂


    • Oh, Jeni. Twice in one night, someone said to me, “Horrible threes, wonderful fours.” Seriously? Because I thought we did that already with the twos.


  2. My youngest was slow to begin talking. One day I was putting out Christmas decorations and she reached for a breakable figurine. I told her she couldn’t touch it and that made her mad. For the first time she yelled “No” at me. I was so happy to hear her use a new word for the first time and so sad to know that I was now going to be hearing “NO” alot!


  3. My children are adopted. My oldest moved in with me when she was 7. I knew I was doomed when she chose to call me “Hey You” for about the first 6 weeks she lived in my home. Sadly, I thought this was cute. I didn’t get scared until I was checking out at a department store and she walked up to a complete stranger in a store, grabbed her hand and asked her to take her to the bathroom.

    She is 20 now. We barely survived.


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