Milwaukee Magic

Hello, Internet friends!

We just returned from a whirlwind trip to Milwaukee, my very favorite city (Zoe’s too, she says).  We met my parents there for a Mike and Grandma Marilyn joint birthday celebration, and it was fabulous!

I had blogging aspirations for the week, but . . . I also had museums and libraries to visit, restaurants to patronize, and a baseball game to attend.

It was wonderful to share some of my favorite MKE experiences with Zoe: Kopp’s Custard, the Milwaukee Brewers.  It was just as wonderful to share new MKE experiences with her: the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, a play date at a  park.

The best part?  The smile on her face when, after an arduous car ride, we pulled up in front of our house.

Milwaukee may be our favorite city, but Litchfield is our town.



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4 responses to “Milwaukee Magic

  1. Sue Gaeta

    The longer I don’t live in Milwaukee, the more I long to visit!


  2. Susan Latzke

    This pic of Zoe with those glasses shows a budding journalist . Then I noticed the Liquor bottles on the back shelf and laughed . even a grown journalist kicks back a few now and again . LOL!!!


    • Oh, yes. I would say especially a grown journalist, though maybe not so much anymore. We were at The Rumpus Room, a gastropub in Milwaukee with, as you can see, quite a selection of drinks!


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