5 Things I Didn’t Expect My Three-Year-Old to Do

1. Order her own food at restaurants.  This mostly amounts to her declaring, “I want chicken and fries!” wherever we go (unless it’s an ice cream shop, in which case she declares, “I want chocolate!”).  But she’s also able to troubleshoot, substituting grilled cheese or fruit as needed.  Just don’t believe it when she says she wants a cheeseburger (unless you’re at McDonald’s, home of the “real” cheeseburger).

2. Watch German opera. She has favorite parts of The Ring Cycle.  She asks questions like, “Where’s Wotan?”  She has a better attention span for this stuff than do.  (Pro Tip: This is not actually saying much.)

3. Drive a pontoon boat.  She did this twice on our Cumings family trip to Bay Lake.  This is probably twice as many times as I have driven a boat of any kind.

4. Wear diapers.  I promised myself I would not blog about my child’s potty training experiences, so I won’t say more than that.  But really, the list can’t be all bragging, can it?

5. Fill my heart with love and pride all the dang time.  Parents do mention this about having children.  It turns out they are totally not exaggerating.  (Pro Tip: When I say all the dang time, I don’t entirely mean it–the times she’s having a tantrum in line at the grocery store or in the middle of a worship service, insisting on being carried along with the groceries, or refusing to get in her car seat?  The love and pride levels are slightly lower at those times.)

What surprises have you found in your vocation (as parent, child, sibling, spouse, or whatever your job may be)?


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One response to “5 Things I Didn’t Expect My Three-Year-Old to Do

  1. Every package of diapers had a list of “signs” that your child was ready to potty train. I joke that I waited for any of those signs to appear my oldest would still be in diapers (and she is 22!). I finally potty trained when she was three. It went fine, or as fine as those things go. I learned my lesson and potty trained my second at 2 1/2. Lesson learned- don’t wait for the signs. Heck, if I thought it would be socially acceptable I would wear diapers. So much better than public restrooms!!!


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