The Power of a Preschooler’s Prayer

Teenage Workers Are Barely Visible as They Detassel Corn During the Summer in Fields near New Ulm, Minnesota...

As you may know, Minnesota has been experiencing a drought.  It’s terrible to watch the grass turn brown, the flowers wilt, and the field corn . . . well, I don’t know a lot about corn, but I imagine those ears are pretty thirsty by now.

So, we’ve been praying for rain.  A few weeks ago, a woman in town held a garage sale hoping to bring the rain (and it worked, for about ten minutes).  Last night, Zoe and I took matters into our own hands.

You know how some pastors have a “pastor voice” they use for official pastoral acts?  It’s calm and serene, a sort of fancy praying voice.

Well, Zoe has a preschooler voice.  As she led us in a call and response prayer, she was not calm and serene.  She was yelling:


Send the rain!

The grass needs a DRINK!


The TREES need a drink!

Send the rain!


I was startled but delighted.  Have you read the psalms lately?  Some of those prayers are pretty shouty, too.  And God can handle it–whether we come to God laughing or crying, shouting or serene, God always hears us.

Sometimes we shout to God, and sometimes we sing (the psalms are songs, too).  Right after her shouting rain prayer, Zoe did a singing rain prayer.

Notice that she sets the second half to Gaston’s song from Beauty and the Beast.  I could not be prouder:

Best of all, we woke up to thunder and the blessed sound of rain falling.

Actually, Zoe woke up to those sounds.  I woke up to the sound of Zoe’s joyful voice: “Mama!  A storm is starting! God is sending the rain!”

What are you singing or shouting or praying about today?



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6 responses to “The Power of a Preschooler’s Prayer

  1. 🙂 Wonderful prayer, Zoe!

    Amen, AAAA-men, AAAAAA-men, men, men!


  2. Claire

    love it!!! seriously her song has been stuck in my head all night: “and the trees need a drink!”


  3. I am singing praises to Zoe for getting the rain she sang for!! I think God’s ears are more in tune with children’s voices. 😉


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