Why I Can’t Stop Watching Drop Dead Diva

Isn’t Netflix Instant amazing?

It gives Zoe a constant supply of all her favorite shows and introduces her to new ones.

It lets me travel down memory lane, revisiting shows I loved ten years ago (looking at you, Sports Night).

It offers an impressive array of BBC dramas based on classic novels, as well as enough episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to last me and Mike for months (possibly years) to come.

And it made it possible for me to fall in love with Drop Dead Diva.

I had always wondered about this show–I’d seen an episode or two in hotel rooms or other places with cable–and after I finished reliving the glory days of Aaron Sorkin (seriously, Sports Night is a joy), I needed another one to watch without Mike.  (Every happily married couple has some separate interests, right?)

Enter Drop Dead Diva.  It’s a fascinating mash-up of Ally McBeal and Touched by an Angel.  Lawyer Jane and model Deb die at the same moment, and Deb gets sent back to earth into Jane’s body.  She has Deb’s memories and personality but Jane’s intelligence and lawyer skills (which is totally how this would work, I think).  She also has her guardian angel Fred and Deb’s BFF Stacy, model / actress and “secret genius”.  Oh yeah, and Deb’s perfect boyfriend Grayson just started working at Jane’s firm, but Jane can’t tell him she’s Deb because The Universe Forbids It.

If you’re rolling your eyes, I don’t blame you.  This show is silly.  Very silly.  It is a Lifetime original series, for heaven’s sake (pun absolutely intended).  What can I say?  The show definitely does not take itself too seriously, but it takes the emotions and struggles of its characters seriously.  And I can’t help taking them seriously, too.

Plus, sometimes Paula Abdul is a guest star.  And yes, there is singing and dancing.  Also: Margaret Cho as Jane’s sassy assistant.  Come on, people.  What further incentive do you need?

TV stoffen met plumeau / Dusting the television with a feather-brush

What’s your guilty TV-viewing pleasure?


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11 responses to “Why I Can’t Stop Watching Drop Dead Diva

  1. Joy

    We watched the entire “One Tree Hill” series… and I was a little teary when it ended.


  2. Jessica Nipp

    I heart Drop Dead Diva! And I secodn the “separate interests” things. Balance is key. 🙂


  3. Jessica Nipp

    Also, I stink at typing.


  4. Drop Dead Diva is on my current guilty pleasure list. I’m caught up on it now and was pleasantly surprised to see Fred pop up on Mad Men this season.

    I went back and watched all of Sports Night about a year ago. I had completely forgotten that it had a laugh track. It didn’t seem as out of place as it does now. Still love the show and all of its Sorkin glory. I’ve been considering re-watching Felicity to satisfy my current guilty pleasure needs. I like to think the WB and I grew up together.


    • Ha! When I first saw Fred on Drop Dead Diva, I thought, “Oh, look! The new guy from Mad Men!”

      Not everything about Sports Night holds up well, but overall, it is still a delight. I don’t even feel like I’m missing out not watching his new show, because it sounds like it’s basically Sports Night again!

      I watched some Felicity a few months ago. I could not take more than five or six episodes. It was just so serious, but so silly at the same time. I don’t remember Felicity being so annoying, either. But the nostalgia factor makes me want to try again . . .


  5. Miss Anderson

    I, too, fell in love with Drop Dead Diva via Netflix. Now I’m obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. Even as a middle school librarian and YA book blogger I stayed away from the series of books…but a trusted friend got me hooked on the show, and it’s totally my guilty pleasure. It’s quite creepy, with lots of drama.


  6. You are weakening my resolve on not watching this show. I love Margaret Cho. Must resist Lifetime… though I will admit that Wife Swap and Project Runway stop my remote from flipping.


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