Weather Advisory

Joyce Oglansky playing in the snow, Minneapolis

Zoe has been asking for snow all summer.

When she saw a happy otter family making snow angels in one of her bedtime books last night, it was too much.

“GOD!” she yelled.  “God!  Send the snow!”

Then, she revamped her musical rain prayer, singing, “I want God to send the snow . . . because I want snow.  That’s what I want.  God, send the snow!”


If you woke up to snowflakes this morning, I guess you know who to thank.

What silly or crazy requests have you made?

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5 responses to “Weather Advisory

  1. For life to be less complicated!! 😀


  2. I woke up to overcast and the temperature at 61. Not likely to snow today, but you never know about those things. I’ll keep my eye out for that.


  3. Susan Latzke

    Well Zoe, I woke up this morning to Rain which I was Happy to see . I believe god answered your prayer to the best ability’s for the season . Keep on Praying little miss he hears you!! had it been colder it would have turned to snow !!!


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