Books to Be in for a Day

Well, hello there, Internet friends!  It’s Top Ten Tuesday time!

I love this week’s topic: Top Ten Characters I’d Love to Switch Places with for 24 Hours.  Oh, the possibilities.  Whose skin would you want to live in for a day?  For my list, I decided I would be able to do what the characters were able to do.  Otherwise, it’s just Freaky Friday, which is actually a really stressful premise if you think about it.

Anyway.  Read  my list, add your ideas below, and then click on over to the Broke and the Bookish to see what all the other kids are saying.

1. Laura Ingalls (of course). I played pioneer girls all the time growing up, so this one is obvious.  I would choose 24 hours that included the sugaring dance, or Laura’s birthday party (I’d get to eat a vanity cake!), or maybe a buggy ride with my boyfriend Almanzo.  I would not choose 24 hours that included prairie fire, or baby Grace getting lost, or pretty much any time during the long winter.

2. Anne, Persuasion.  I would like to trade places with Anne for the best 24 hours of her life–or, really, the best hour.  If you’ve read this one you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t . . . what are you waiting for?

3. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. Now that I’m a parent, I would love to have the solution to every parenting problem.  And living in an upside down house with pirate treasure buried in the backyard would be pretty fun, too.

4. Tuppence: First I thought I’d choose Miss Marple, my favorite Agatha Christie detective.  But then I realized that while I love Miss Marple, it’s Tuppence who has all the fun: she’s young, lighthearted, and solves mysteries with the help of her adoring husband Tommy.  I’d go for the last 24 hours of the story, so I could solve the mystery, get into and out of a jam, and explain it all while clutching a cigarette holder or a fizzy cocktail.  Or both.

5. Amy, The Ordinary PrincessIt would be fun to be a princess, right?  But not the boring kind.  The kind that makes friends with animals, has adventures, and goes home on her own terms.  I’d like to try the 24 hours that include Amy and Perry, also royalty in disguise, cleaning up their little cottage in the woods and having a secret picnic.

6. Alice, The Magicians: It would also be fun to be a magician, obviously.  Alice is powerful, smart, and sensitive.  No spoilers, but I would probably not pick the 24 hours that include the big final battle.  That part is gripping to read, but not something I want to experience.

7. Alice, Alice in Wonderland: Speaking of Alices, I would love to fall down the rabbit hole.  I’d definitely want to have tea with the Mad Hatter and his friends.

8. Charlie, Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryI borrowed this one from Miss Anderson, because it is just too brilliant not to include.  The chocolate.  The fizzy lifting drink.  The chocolate.

9. Sophie, The BFG: And speaking of Roald Dahl books . . . . We almost named our daughter Sophia, and I would have called her Sophie, and it would have been because of this book.  (For me, anyway.  Mike wanted to name her Philosophia.  This is not a joke.)  I would like to experience Sophie’s first 24 hours with the Big Friendly Giant.

10. I’m sure there are a million more great characters for this list, but I’ve had a hard time coming up with them.  I guess I’m just, as I told my mother at age eight, “a pretty happy kid.”

Your turn!  Whose literary life would you like to borrow for a day?



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13 responses to “Books to Be in for a Day

  1. stuckinva

    My sister in law recommended Persuasion to me, saying it was *really* dirty if you read between the lines. Being that I’m not a huge fan of Austen (It took me months to get through Pride and Prejudice, and I don’t think I ever made it through Sense and Sensibility though I tried several times), this was intriguing, so I picked up a copy of it. I didn’t make it to the best hour of Anne’s life, apparently, but I did pick up one of the public domain copies for my Kindle to try again.


  2. Claire

    If by “almost” named our daughter, you mean “actually did” name our daughter Sophia for the first few hours… 🙂 love your choices.


    • Oh my goodness, it was for ten minutes. Twenty tops. I know I was on drugs, but it was not HOURS. Otherwise, yes. You are right.


      • Claire

        well, it was enough time for me to post on facebook: “welcome to world, Sophia Marilyn Cumings!” 🙂 can’t even imagine our little zoe being sophie now!


      • Wow. I try to imagine it sometimes, but I can’t even fathom this girl being called anything but Zoe Marilyn Cumings. It’s just her!


  3. Oakes Theresa

    Anne of Anne of Green Gables for obvious reason and Wilbur – besides meeting Charlotte, I’d look forward to that buttermilk bath!


  4. Of course, Charlie would be awesome. Great list.


  5. Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. I’ve always wanted red hair, I wish my imagination was that delightful, Diana is a pretty awesome best friend, and I’m still on the lookout for my own Gilbert.


    • This is embarrassing to admit, but . . . while I LOVE the Anne of Green Gables movies, I have never actually read the books. I should get on that, huh? Your reasons for choosing Anne are all great, and your Gilbert is out there for sure.


  6. Your last three answers are EXACTLY what I would have chose. I love it. Alice, Sophie and Charlie – Oh my gosh! Exactly. I do love Anne of Green Gables though – she’s so happy. I think I’d want to switch with Ron Weasley too though because he’s such a klutz (and Luna Lovegood).


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