Minnesota Nice: Calf Fiend Cafe

You know you’re in rural Minnesota when . . .

The name of the coffee and sandwich shop is a dairy-related pun.

As you may know, I love puns.  And coffee.  And sandwiches.  So, it’s no surprise that Calf Fiend Cafe in Redwood Falls is my new favorite place for lunch.

A friend and I stopped there yesterday on our way to a meeting.  It was our first visit (RWF is an hour and a half from Litch), but we immediately fell in love with the place.

The homemade bread (molasses multi grain yesterday).

The friendly server (and bread baker) with the finely waxed handlebar mustache.

The giant paper mache calf cavorting in front of the pastry case.

The homemade bread.  (Seriously, it was so good we bought extra to take home instead of having dessert.  Although, full disclosure: when I say “instead of dessert”, I of course mean, “instead of having a cookie and the Dairy Queen treats we had on the way home from the meeting).

Truly, the Calf Fiend Cafe is a gem.  If you are a Minnesota reader, you should go there.  In fact, call me up and we can go together.  We can hit Ramsey Park to see the Falls and the zoo, and maybe the aquatic center after lunch.  It will be calffiendtastic.

What’s your favorite place for lunch?

P.S. I borrowed these photos from Calf Fiend Cafe’s Facebook page.  Visit them there and see a few more!



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9 responses to “Minnesota Nice: Calf Fiend Cafe

  1. Susan Latzke

    I am originally from Olivia mn which is 25 minutes from redwood falls so I know the area well and take my grandchildren to Ramsey park every summer . I have never seen that cafe though, so it sounds like a must see to add to my list . Thanks Maggie .


    • For sure, Susan! Just simple sandwiches, and I think the soup was probably homemade, too. It’s right downtown. I will be sure to stop there next time I’m in Redwood Falls!


  2. Beth

    So hungry now… drooling for freshly baked bread.


  3. Can I just say, again, how tickled I am that you now drink coffee? I’m still sorry that I never got to go to the coffee shop near Miller Brewery that had a big coffee cup on the roof…remember it? Here, in Andover, of course, no coffee shops. Cafe closes at 2. Casey’s coffee–not so much. But if I want to drive 30 miles south, there on Seminary Street (which is why I like it, of course) there is Innkeeper’s Coffee. They have vegetarian entrees on their menu, too. So, my favorite places require some traveling…and I miss Alterra and their Kulantik coffee. I’m just sayin’


  4. Matt Hunt

    My parents live near Marshall, where I grew up. I went down there with my 16 year-old son yesterday to help them out; they’re getting up there, as we say. On the way home we were driving through RWF and both of us were hungry. I said, “When I was a kid all RWF had was the Dari King, but since Jackpot opened up they’ve got ever fast-food chain known to man. Let’s see if there’s something else, ” so we cruised downtown instead. (Yes, I’m so old I remember before Jackpot Junction opened).

    Anyway, we say the brightly painted front of Calf Fiend and decided to give it a whirl. It’s the kind of place you find all over in Minneapolis (where I live now) but I wouldn’t have expected in RWF. As soon as we opened the door, we saw a few people who looked like they belonged in a college neighborhood, smelled fresh bread, and heard Louie Armstrong playing. And no TV sets. My son,whose musical tastes run from hardcore punk to Bennie Goodman, muttered, “I like this place already.” We had a couple of sandwiches and some quality soda pop.

    Long story short, we’ll be stopping in whenever we go through that area back to visit the folks. Great place, so nice to see it’s been there for awhile. When I was a little kid, you could find a hometown place to eat in every one of those little towns along MN-19, but then they all got run out of business by the chains. So fantastic to see people getting sick of that mass-produced food-like intake, and supporting an actual local eatery/hangout.

    The bread was awesome. And the very friendly dude’s ‘stache was indeed sweet.


  5. L

    As a former RWF citizen, I highly recommend it. I believe he spelled his name Kat, if I’m wrong on the spelling, I am so sorry. He’s the man with the stache, and his wife? She’s amazing as well. Very friendly people. I loved drinking the Zebras they made. (It’s just hot chocolate, dark and white mixed).
    Another great place to go for food is China Royal, down the main street of RWF. It is owned and run by a local oriental family… if it’s still open. Seeing as how I’ve not been in this town since 2014.


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