Iced Coffee, Automatic Doors, and You

Girl worker at lunch also absorbing California sunshine, Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, Calif. (LOC)

One of the perks of not having cable or even regular TV is that when I do get a chance to watch it, I am actually interested in watching the commercials.  New programming is new programming, right?

So, International Delight had my full attention yesterday evening when they offered up a long, involved commercial for their exciting new iced coffee (available in the dairy aisle).  It featured a work-at-home mom telling us all about her life, in way more detail than seemed strictly necessary for a coffee commercial.  Toward the end, she pours a few glasses of iced coffee and serves them to her visiting friend.  They enjoy a lively conversation about remodeling while the announcer says, “Iced coffee.  It’s better at home.”

And then, to drive this point home (pun not intended, for a change), International Delight added this baffling cautionary tale:

Maybe it’s because I don’t see a lot of commercials, but this one left me gaping.

I don’t know whether or not iced coffee is better at home (I will drink it here or there; I will drink it anywhere).

But if it is, it’s because it’s more relaxing, convenient, and cheaper, right?

Not because the automatic doors at the “coffee house” might slam in your face, sending your iced coffee flying and taking your dignity with it.  I mean, we don’t have a lot of these coffee houses in Litchfield, but I’m pretty confident that this is not a thing that happens.

And thank the good Lord it does not, my friends, because in order to enjoy your iced coffee at home, you’re going to have to go through those perilous automatic doors at the supermarket to retrieve it from the dairy aisle.  Be careful out there, folks.  The world is more dangerous than we thought.

What other silly commercials should I be looking for on YouTube?

Koffiedrinken in de woestijn / Drinking coffee in the desert



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10 responses to “Iced Coffee, Automatic Doors, and You

  1. purpleowltree1234

    I’m with you, I don’t watch tv either. And when I happen to see a commercial on, I’m staring at the screen because they are all new and interesting to me. 🙂 Then if it’s funny I laugh loud cuz I’ve never seen it before and people just look at me weirdly. Hahaha. I get much more done without tv, and it just annoys me 99% of the time if I watch it anyway. If a show is so good I want to see it anyway, I can see it any hour any day online.
    Trying to think of some Australian commercials I’ve seen in the past that are worth a watch. The only one I can think of is a Yellow Pages commercial that has the line, “Not happy Jan!” in it, haha. Not that funny, but the “Not happy Jan!” is still stuck in my head years later. In fact, I say it occassionally myself, when I’m not happy about anything at all, to anyone. So I guess Yellow Pages did a great job making us remember them, with that one. Will think if I can remember any really funny commercials fro you from this country. It’s been ages since I’ve seen any!
    Rach. 🙂


  2. Much to my distress, I can’t drink coffee of any sort right now, but I have bought that iced coffee for my daughters. They seem to like it. A half gallon of that costs the same amount as one drink at our local Starbucks. Then I noticed one daughter was having it three times a day. So I think that there are other ramilfications to having a carton of yummy sugar flled coffee sitting in ones refrigerator! And it has nothing to do with sliding doors!


  3. Liz L.

    This commercial:


  4. I cold brew my own coffee at home sometimes. It is a wonderful way to use the French Press coffee thing-y that was otherwise just taking up room in the cupboard. Get whatever coffee tickles your fancy in a course to medium grind. Put about 1/3 c of coffee grinds and 1 cup of water in your coffee press. Let it sit at least over night… longer if you remember. The next morning, squish down the filter and ta-da iced coffee! Fill a glass with ice cubes, pour coffee about half way up the glass. Then (this is the trick to make it good — add fattening. sweet things) open a can of condensed milk and a can of evaporated milk and mix them together…. top off your iced coffee with this yummy milk mixture.

    Warnings: Double this when you are having guests. Otherwise make a single recipe and limit yourself to one day a week or one cup a day… whatever works. None of us need a plethora of fattening milk products, no matter how yummy.

    Hint: You don’t need a coffee press. Mix the coffee and water in a bowl, canning jar or whatever. Pour the concoction through a filter to separate the grinds. This is obviously less convenient. But, my sister does it this way and makes a gallon of cold pressed coffee at a time. She keeps it in the refrigerator in an old, washed out milk jug.


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