Never Had I Ever: Felt This Way About a Cucumber

Continental Can Company, store display for cucumbers for C.J. Prettyman, Jr., produce broker, Exmore, Virginia

“I mean, I guess I could take some cucumbers,” I said with a hint of reluctance. “Maybe . . . four or five?”

As six or seven garden cucumbers tumbled into the bag before worship on Sunday morning, I said feebly, “Maybe I’ll make cucumber water!  That would be good!”

“Mmm-hmmm,” said the wise farm wife as she filled the bag. “They’re pretty good eating right out of the garden, too.”

What can I say?  I’ve never been a big cucumber fan.  I have nothing against them, and since moving to Minnesota I have developed a love for the pickled variety.

But the cucumbers you buy at the grocery store or have on your Subway sandwich are pretty much a nothing vegetable.  Right?  Like a lukewarm green ice cube, making you feel virtuous (veggies are veggies, after all), but not adding much to your meal.

So, when I bit into my first slice of garden cucumber on Sunday afternoon, my expectations were low.

Oh, my friends.  Did you know that a slice of cucumber can be a revelation?  Did you know that a garden cucumber can be a something vegetable, after all?

I didn’t.  And now I do.  Next time, I might just accept the whole bag.

What food has surprised you lately (or long ago)?

P.S. Try this delicious lunch / breakfast / snack from my friend The Lady Pastor!  Sounds fab.



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6 responses to “Never Had I Ever: Felt This Way About a Cucumber

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    When I was young I thought I hated corn on the cob. I only liked cream corn UNTIL….I went on vacation to Michigan with you and your parents. Your Dad introduced me to the wonders of fresh picked Michigan corn slathered in butter by using a piece of bread to make for even slathering. After our first night of corn, your Dad and I went to the farm stand every day at 3 PM when the newly picked corn came in. To this day, I never eat an ear of corn that I don’t think of those wonderful Michigan meals!


  2. You would make a good Norwegian. We had cucumbers three times a day…always on your breakfast sandwiches and your lunch sandwiches, and somewhere in your suppers, too.

    However, I had to laugh at the cucumber water remark. You’ve been reading BTFM, haven’t you?


    • Don’t let my Swedes here you say such a thing! (Although, is that better than being Irish and German?)

      I have been reading BTFM. And I did make the cucumber water, and it was refreshing. Peacebang is (almost) never wrong!


  3. I may have to plant a cucumber next spring, just to see what they are like!!!


  4. My neighbor asked if I could use cucumbers. I like them. I even like them on toast with a little mayo and season salt… nothing else, a cucumber salad. I am the only one that likes them. So, I said I could take four too. No kidding. They might be as big as my arm!


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