Win Some, Lose Some (Church Edition)

Losing: Someone breaks into your country church.

Winning: The only thing the person steals is the church’s microwave, which may be older than you are.

Pastoring: You wonder where the sermon illustration is.

Siam Ocean World Microwave oven

This would be an excellent way to use your new microwave, church burglar.

See also: Win Some, Lose Some (Parenting Edition).

Your turn: Any funny break-in stories to share?


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One response to “Win Some, Lose Some (Church Edition)

  1. Wow, I’m so glad they didn’t vandalise the church or steal more things! it is a bit odd they took the old microwave… hehehehe
    Touch wood, I’ve never had my house broken into.
    The only break-in stories I can think of are stories of old people I’ve known getting dementia and being very paranoid and thinking people have been stealing their things, when in fact no one has been at all. My friend’s mother thought someone was breaking into her condo and stealing her candies. A lady my mom is caring for as power of attorney and friend now, who has brain tumours, thinks the nurses at her high care facility are going through her papers and stealing them and reading them. She also thinks her married son will move in with her into her bedroom in the nursing home there any day now, and she’s insisted my mom write her *dog’s* name on all her clothes so no one steals them..
    My old church was broken into once and the pastor’s $5000 guitar was stolen. He found it soon after in a pawn shop for about $1000 and promptly bought it back. Lost a grand but saved 4K if he were to buy a new one. He was very gracious about the whole thing.


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