Heaven on Toast

Friends, I think I’m in love:


Not just with a tomato.  With a tomato sandwich.

If you need a little love in your life, try this one:

–A slice of lightly toasted bread (I used Mike’s latest homemade loaf, which was flaxtastic).

–A thin layer of light mayonnaise (or regular mayo, but really, “light” mayo is not actually that light).

–As many garden tomato slices as your slice of bread can handle (I used a lovely yellow tomato for lunch and a lovely red one for supper).

So simple, and so delicious I had it for two meals yesterday.  (I added roasted sweet corn for supper, which makes it a very well-rounded meal.)

Oh, tomato sandwich.  Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad.


What’s your favorite way to eat a tomato or two?



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16 responses to “Heaven on Toast

  1. Oakes Theresa

    Mmmmm…Mine is with fresh mozz, basil and a dribble of olive oil on crusty bread.


  2. Yep, but I leave off the mayo and use freshly squished avocado instead. Then I sprinkle it with season all. I like cucumber sandwiches too. I do use salad dressing on them (as in Miracle Whip and not Hellmans/mayo).


    • Oooh, that sounds so good! I love avocado. And cucumber sandwiches are delicious. I am going to need a serious bedtime snack by the time I’m done responding to these comments . . .


  3. Jenny Olsztynski

    Just like yours but add some HyVee Maple Smoked Bacon.


  4. Love this idea! My bloggy post for tomorrow is another easy tomato idea (involving rice cakes!).


  5. Sliced tomatoes with olive oil, kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper, balsamic vinegar, and fresh basil. Crusty bread to dredge through the liquor left when the tomatoes are gone. Could eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


  6. Kristin

    yuuuummmm! My favorite tomato item is what the lovely folks in Spain call tostada con tomate: bread w/ olive oil, salt, and tomato slices (or tomatoes in other forms), specifically eaten for breakfast. It’s the best possible breakfast, I am sure.


  7. My first experience with a tomato sandwich involved a woman with whom I worked on internship. She introduced me to the concept (I still haven’t had one!), but her sandwiches were often more mayo than tomato. She must’ve used half a jar on each!

    Now that we have some delicious romas coming in from the garden, I will have to try this thing out…


    • Do it, Seth! And, really, just a thin layer of mayo is plenty. Next I’d like to try chipotle mayo, since I have some chipotle peppers waiting around. Or one of the many great suggestions on my Facebook page. It’s tomato sandwich time!


  8. This is SO Minnesota, exactly the way you describe it! (Just add a sprinkling of fresh ground pepper.)


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