Shower of Love

“There better be a really good blog post about this,” said sister Claire.

She was standing in a living room so familiar it feels like our own.  A living room I first entered 29 years ago, when I was three and a half and sister Claire was only a half.  Childhood living room of my best friend Sarah, and center stage of Claire’s beautiful bridal shower last weekend.

I have vivid memories of playing in and around this living room.  Of wearing a white slip and pretending to be a famous singer named Orchid. Of mousercizing with all my heart.  Of treading very carefully on the pristine white carpet (gone, but not forgotten).  Of opening gifts at my own bridal shower six or so years ago.

So there was something sweetly surreal about sitting in that living room, watching my baby sister open her own stack of Crate & Barrel loot while my three-year-old  daughter napped in Sarah’s childhood bedroom and Sarah’s baby boy napped across the hall.

Adorable and delicious.

The shower hostesses were our mother’s friends, several of whom we’ve known almost all our lives. The guests were thirty of Claire’s dear friends and relatives. The food was amazing.  The gifts were generous.  The shower game was hilarious (Pro Tip: Because I wrote it, of course).  The weather was perfect.  The laughter was happy and loud and long.

A lovely afternoon.  Thank you, all you wonderful women who made it possible.  Thank you, you wonderful living room.

Baby Jakey, Bubbe Sheri, and Zoe try out the piano.

What’s your favorite party space?



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5 responses to “Shower of Love

  1. Claire

    it was truly a magical weekend. I am one lucky girl!!!


  2. Sarah

    I shed a little tear!


  3. Sheri

    Bubbe Sheri was teary eyed while reading your sweet remembrances, past and present, of how our lives have been intertwined.


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