How to Treat Your Preschooler’s Minor Burn

1. Hold her finger under cold running water.

2. Wrap her finger in a cool wash cloth.

3. Administer an ice cream sandwich to the other hand.

4. Apply three episodes of Dora the Explorer, supplementing with cuddles as needed.

5. Cover with a band-aid.

6. Make her pose for photos the next day so you can blog about the experience.

Your turn: Share your favorite first aid stories, trips to the nurse’s office, or home remedies.



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6 responses to “How to Treat Your Preschooler’s Minor Burn

  1. Band Aids are amazing! I went through so many of those when the kids were little. Apply a Band Aid to any minor boo boo and it was instantly much better! I guess they felt their boo boo was being taken seriously if the Band Aids came out!


  2. Jenny Olsztynski

    Boo boo buddies and M and M’s see to work here. And who can resist a Dora band aid.

    Although my Mother’s was into ‘take two aspirin and go to school’.


    • Zoe does love Dora bandaids. And Tinkerbell band aids, too. Yesterday she got one on her arm and decided Molly the dog needed one, too. What a nice grandma (and what a nice dog) for going along with it!


  3. We really haven’t had anything major happen to The Cub (Yet – And I say that because he is his father’s son). But I do remember that when I had stitches removed from my thumb (I slipped while cutting a bagel), he wouldn’t sit on the exam table between my legs and watch cartoons. Nope. He wanted to watch the doctor remove the stitches. Sheesh. He was somewhere in the late twos to early threes at the time.


    • What a great learning opportunity, right? Zoe came to one of the three doctor visits it took to remove a tiny glass shard from my foot, and it helped me not to whimper too much.


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