My Partners in Ministry

“I’m sorry he was so loud during the sermon,” said the mother of an eight-week-old baby.

“Was he?  I really didn’t notice,” I assured her.  “I’ve been a mother as long as I’ve been a pastor, so I’m just really used to that sound during worship.”

And it’s true.  Zoe was born June 26th, 2009, and I was ordained to the ministry of word and sacrament on August 29th, 2009.

The two months in between?  I had a new baby, a job interview, and a very, very full two-bedroom apartment to pack up.  That time is kind of a blur.

Motherhood and pastorhood are really intertwined for me.  My ordination day memories include breastfeeding my daughter at the celebratory meal after the service, my clerical collar still around my neck.  My friend Carrie made a special pair of red booties for Zoe to wear, so both of us had liturgically appropriate footwear for the day.

Those little feet, quite a bit larger now, have walked alongside me in these three years of ordained ministry.   I can’t believe it’s been three years of mothering and pastoring.  What a blessing.  What a gift.

My two very best partners in ministry.

P.S. Obviously, Mike has walked alongside me for the past three years, too, and for the three years of marriage before that.  I thank God for him, even though he didn’t join me and Zoe in wearing red shoes three years ago.



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2 responses to “My Partners in Ministry

  1. Claire

    Happy ordination anniversary!!! But, I must point out that Zoe was not born in 2006. At least last time I checked 🙂 she’s so big, but not quite 6 yet! cannot WAIT to see you all in just a FEW WEEKS!


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