Friday Fun!

You have to watch this video.

It is Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation reading the Tweets of young female celebrities, and it is hilarious.  (For some reason, the “embed” link was not working, but trust me when I tell you it is worth a click.)

Even if none of that sentence makes sense to you, give this video a try.  Nick Offerman is so funny, and these Tweets are so silly.

Of course, they’re not significantly sillier than the Tweets and Facebook status updates many of us post every day.  But they are read by thousands of people.  And when they are read aloud in a deadpan voice by a manly man working with power tools . . . comedy gold, my friends.  Comedy gold.

Watch, laugh, check out the other videos in the series, and reflect on the silliness of your online communication.

And then, if you’re up for it, go make something out of wood.

Drill press operator, Allegheny Ludlum Steel[e] Corp., Brackenridge, Pa. (LOC)

What’s making you laugh on the Internet today?


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2 responses to “Friday Fun!

  1. Liz L.

    I ❤ him, and am sad it took Parks and Rec for me to know he existed! And there are many many videos of his tweet reading, fantastic! What work . . .?


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