Jesus on Fifth

Zoe loves to sing the song “Blind Man” (or to put her own lyrics to its tune).  After singing a few lines this afternoon, we had this theological discussion:

Zoe: Who’s crying on the road?

Me: The blind man.

Zoe: Why is he crying?

Me: Because he doesn’t know the way home.

Zoe: How does he get home?

Me: He follows Jesus.  Jesus is the way.

Zoe: But . . . what way does Jesus show him?

Me: The blind man can’t see, so Jesus walks right next to him.

Zoe: No!  What way does Jesus show him?

Repeat those last few lines of dialogue several times.

Zoe: What way?  Where does Jesus take him?

Me: Jesus takes him down Fifth Street.

Zoe: Oh!  Okay.

This, my friends, is why they tell you to avoid metaphor and simile in a children’s sermon.

Street scene, Christiansted, St. Croix Island, Virgin Islands? (LOC)

What funny conversations have you had lately?


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3 responses to “Jesus on Fifth

  1. Yesterday we had some friends over. I didn’t shuck the corn ahead of time and as dinner time drew near I said “Time to go outside and do the corn!” Our friend dan daid “WHAT did you just say?!?” It dawned on me immediately what was going through his mind. I replied, “Corn, Dan, not porn!”


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