Small Town Pastor, Big City Bachelorette Party

I was a little nervous about sister Claire’s Big City Bachelorette Party last month.

I am, as you may know, a small town pastor.  (Actually, I now think Litchfield is a pretty big town, but my churches are actually country churches.)  As you may also know, I am also the mother of a small child.  And as you may or may not know, my own bachelorette party was pretty low-key.

(It was all of my best female friends having exactly one beer–or one ginger ale for the designated drivers–at one of my favorite Milwaukee bars after the rehearsal dinner.  So, okay: very low-key.  I loved it.)

Sister Claire’s bachelorette party was clearly going to be more elaborate.  A hotel suite, a downtown trolley ride scavenger hunt, and a trendy club were involved.  Out of my comfort zone.  Not quite my scene.

So, I was nervous.  But then I read the guest list.  And I remembered: my sister has amazing friends.  From middle school through law school, Claire has been blessed with wonderful friends.

Friends who create an incredible scavenger hunt showcasing Claire and Doug’s relationship and Claire’s favorite things.

A cupcake clue.

Who devote their free time to creating a beautiful “friendship timeline” and scrapbook.

Who put together adorable goody bags (Advil!  Gum! Hershey kisses!) and handmade drink cozies in Claire and Doug’s wedding colors.

Who offer to trade shoes with you when your stupid high heels make you want to weep.

Who don’t even make fun of you when you go home early.

Great job planning, hosting, and participating in an amazing party for an amazing bride, all you friends of Claire.

And great job, Claire, for having such amazing friends.



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2 responses to “Small Town Pastor, Big City Bachelorette Party

  1. Claire

    It was a truly magical night. Thank you for such an amazing weekend, sister!!! And now, just TWO WEEKS until the wedding 🙂


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