I hear that ShopKo is already setting up the Christmas trees.

In this politically divided time, surely we can all agree that this should not be so.

Hold the line with me on this, America.  Focus on Halloween  until November 1st!  Or, if you love scooping up clearance costumes and bargain candy as much as I do, for a few days after that!

Now, I try to restrain myself until it’s actually October.  (Pro Tip: By this I mean, I do not buy candy corn until October 1st.  Which, if you’ve ever mixed that stuff with dry roasted peanuts or almonds, you know is a grand gesture of self-control.)  But I also have an adorable child who loves to dress up, so I will admit that I’ve been perusing the costume offerings with great interest.

I’ve looked on Amazon, and at Wal-Mart, and last night, I looked in my favorite photo browsing spot: the Commons on Flickr.  And maybe Christmas did come early, friends, because this is what I found:

Halloween Visitors to the Oval Office. Caroline Kennedy, President Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Jr. White House, Oval Office, 10/31/1963

That’s right, team.  It’s President John F. Kennedy, in the Oval Office, with Caroline and John-John.  And a costume that will haunt my dreams.

You’re welcome, America.

What are you mixing with your candy corn this year?

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  1. Jen Kiefer

    I am having a hard time resisting Halloween decorations, a costume for Abba, and candy this year. I have to keep reminding myself that October is only a week and a half away 🙂


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