Big Day

It’s a big day for the Lux and Winnard families and their many friends and admirers!  This baby is getting married:

Can you believe it?  A baby.  Getting married.

Technically, the baby is 29.  But she’ll always be my one and only baby sister.  The baby of whom I famously declared, “Nobody asked me if wanted a baby.”  And again, “Throw that baby  in the garbage!”

But later, I defended that little girl: “She’s only a baby.”

Now she’s a grown up, with a law career, a mortgage, and a man who, before the day is out, will be her husband.

And a sister who is full of love, joy, and pride.

Happy wedding day, Claire and Doug! For you,  I will try to stay at the reception until at least 10:45 PM.



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13 responses to “Big Day

  1. congratulations, Claire! My, you Lux girls all look alike! Little Maggie is her mom all over! I’m smiling thinking of all the joy your families are having today.


  2. Jenny Olsztynski

    Oh, I have tears in my eyes. I remember you saying all those things! I am so happy for ‘that’ baby and can’t wait to see her today!


  3. Susan Latzke

    CONGRATS TO YOUR FAMILY !! Wow sure do see alot of Zoe there in your childhood photo . Hope you all have a wonderful day !!


  4. Congrats to all! The pictures take me back to my own babies.. who are no longer babies.. Time certainly does march on. I love your blog.


  5. I practically nurtured my little sister, if she ever got married I’d be a complete hot mess. 🙂 Tears of joy, of course. Congratulations to your fam.


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