Revolving Joy

When my best friend Sarah (or, as she is known in this house, Baby Jakey’s Mama), took Baby Jakey on a family trip to Poland, his favorite part was . . . the playground.  He was just a wee one, so you can’t really blame him.  Kids like what they like.

Zoe’s favorite part of our recent Chicago trip–besides throwing the petals for Aunt Claire’s wedding, of course–was probably the revolving door at her grandparents’ building (close second: the cab ride to the rehearsal):

My country baby doesn’t see many revolving doors in her daily life.  She had a ball going round and round, first with Mike, then by herself, then with me and Mike.  It was a delight to watch her concentration and her joy in the accomplishment.

My friend Lyle (hey, Lyle!) asked me on Monday night, “What has Zoe taught you lately?”  I came up empty at the time, but here’s what I learned from watching Zoe go round and round:

Take joy where you find it, and don’t worry what the doorman thinks.

And, oh yes, there’s video:

Where are you finding joy today?



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3 responses to “Revolving Joy

  1. Steph

    You may call it preschool theology, but I think there might be a sermon image for this week’s text…You said it as “don’t worry what the doorman thinks” but he (I assume) didn’t say anything, though he may have been itching to stop what seemed unnecessary and was silently labeling this child and her parents as “not from around here.” But he watched instead, perhaps gaining his own new perspective or joy. At the very least, letting that moment be FOR life and humanity rather than against it–or maybe it’s getting late in the week. 🙂


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