Fortunately . . . Unfortunately

The Southwest Limited passenger train is halted at Albuquerque, New Mexico, on its trip from Los Angeles, California, to Chicago to pick up passengers and baggage, June 1974

The method of transportation I wish we had used.

Did you ever write a “Fortunately . . . Unfortunately” story?  The first sentence starts with “fortunately”, the next with “unfortunately”, et cetera.  I haven’t done this since second grade, so I apologize if the details are murky.

Our recent Chicago road trip inspired me to return to this genre.  Read it and weep (or laugh):

Fotunately, we left for Chicago at 8 AM.

Unfortunately, we meant to leave at 7:30.

Fortunately, Zoe made it through the whole trip without an accident.

Unfortunately, she needed a pit stop in the middle of Minneapolis.

Fortunately, Zoe did not throw up in the car.

Unfortunately, Zoe did throw up next to the car, all over her clothes and shoes.

Fortunately, we did not get a flat tire.

Unfortunately, we did spend nearly half an hour refilling air in all four of our tires.

Fortunately, it was not winter.

Unfortunately, it was construction season.

Fortunately, Zoe was happy to relax while watching videos on her portable DVD player.

Unfortunately, this meant I listened to the same Olivia DVD over and over.  And over.  And over.

Fortunately, it took us less than 12 hours to get from Litchfield to Chicago.

Unfortunately, it took us 11.5.

But most, most fortunately, we made it!  We arrived in time for a delicious dinner with Gram Marilyn, Papa John, and Aunt Claire.  We were there for the manicures, the pedicures, the bridal luncheon, the rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner, the getting ready, the fabulous downtown photo shoot, and the wonderful wedding itself.  We were there for the dancing, the celebrating, the happy tears, the Sprinkles cupcakes.  It was so, so worth it.

Unfortunately, a few short days after we arrived . . . we had to drive home again.

Desert Dream caravan on the road, 1950

This method of transportation would have been nearly as fast.

What are some of your favorite (or least favorite) road trip memories?



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6 responses to “Fortunately . . . Unfortunately

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    After many trips to Eagle Ridge listening to the favorite Princess movie of the week, I learned about head phones…for the girls, not me. Makes for a much better ride, except for Addy’s car sickness.


    • Yes, we may have to try that next time. I wasn’t sure if she would keep them on her head, and I envisioned a lot of manuevering to reposition them for her throughout the drive. Technology is tricky!


  2. Road construction season… it almost makes one look forward to winter. Note — almost. I am still not a fan of below zero.


  3. So funny! I’m glad it was worth it! 🙂 I bet this fortunately/unfortunately method works for every experience- I’m going to try it! 🙂


    • It’s pretty black and white, of course, but I remember loving writing these stories as a class in second grade. It was fun this time, too! And praise God, we are flying to Chicago for Thanksgiving!


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