Friday Dance Party, 90s Style

There are a lot of things I want.

A brilliant idea for a Halloween costume (for myself–Zoe’s all set to be a lady bug).  A car that can keep its brake lights working for longer than a month.  A cleaning fairy.

But after last month’s Fall Theological Conference, what I really want is satellite radio.

Pastor Joe thought we were teasing him when we talked about bringing our 80s and 90s mix tapes along for the ride home from Alexandria.  (His car has a tape player, but that is clearly not a laughing matter.)

Spice girls CD

This, too, happened in the 90s.

It turned out we didn’t even need the mix tapes, because Joe has Sirius XM.  So we had the 90s on 9 all the way home!  And Joe, lucky man, had me and Pastor Laura squealing and singing along.

In other words: everybody wins!

Here is one of the highlights: Weezer rocking “Undone–The Sweater Song.”  (Pro Tip: Of course.)

What’s your favorite 90s jam?



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4 responses to “Friday Dance Party, 90s Style

  1. Hum…the 90s…I had one baby in 1990 and one in 1992. Music wise, I consider that the lost decade! It didn’t help that at the same time my two favorite radio stations went all oldies just about then!


    • Ha! Did you sing a lot of Raffi songs, then? I don’t know what was big for little kids in the early 90s. Zoe and I listen to Raffi in the car sometimes (I loved him when I was a kid), and it warms my heart when she hears a song somewhere else and says, “Raffi knows that song! Raffi knows a lot of songs.” Stay this way forever, Zoe.


  2. noneinnyet

    My 90s jam was probably The Distance by Cake. There was definitely a healthy amount of Weezer around, too. I wish I had had the means to go see them when they played all of the Blue Album one night and all of Pinkerton the next in LA a couple of years ago.


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