Fighting Frustration

Zoe posing in her robe, footie pajamas, and dog slippers. Some time I’ll show you the one where she smiles.

It’s been a stressful week in the Cumings house.

Mike is working hard to finish his dissertation.  I’m working hard to keep up with the faster pace of fall ministry.  Zoe is working hard to make us stop doing that stuff and play castle with her instead.

So we’re all a little tired, and I’m a little more snappish than I’d like to be.  (Pro Tip: This makes it sound like there is some acceptable level of snappishness I’m going for.  I hope this is not the case.)  Zoe has picked up on this: the other day, as I put her down for her nap, she looked me in the eye and asked, “Are you frustrated?”

Well, break my heart, little one.  Of course, sometimes I am frustrated: by Zoe’s refusal to eat breakfast or her insistence that it is not, in fact, nap time; by the dishes that always need doing and the piles of clutter I never quite get around to putting away; by how short or how long the days seem to be.  Sometimes I’m frustrated, but I never want to take it out on my kid.

So in the midst of our busyness and stress, we are taking deep breaths.  We are taking time for Dairy Queen treats, for singing and tickling, for silly family moments, for belly laughs and cuddles and grins.

Because being frustrated won’t get the dissertation written, the confirmation classes taught, or the house cleaned.

And really, how long can you be snappish with a kid like this one:

She thought it was hilarious to have her shirts stuck on her head like this. After enjoying her look in the mirror, she graciously posed for the photo.  The three of us laughed and laughed (and laughed) together.

What’s frustrating you today?  Or, what’s holding the frustration at bay?



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2 responses to “Fighting Frustration

  1. Nora, also, loved her shirt on her head like that. Sam, on the other hand, liked me to make his towel into a shepherd’s headdress. I’m sorry, what was the question?


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