Saturday Dance Party, Latin Alternative Style

Cafe Tacuba 1

Before I learned the words to every Wiggles song and walked around the house with the Bob the Builder theme song pounding maddeningly in my head, I listened to different kinds of music.

In college, I loved the Mexican alternative / folk / punk /electronica band Cafe Tacuba.

And guess what?  They didn’t stop recording just because I stopped listening.  I heard their new single on NPR a few weeks ago and immediately knew it was them.  Haunting, distinctive, intense.

Just like college.

Here’s the single, De Este Lado de Camino:

And here’s my favorite favorite from back in the day, Esa Noche.  Not the kind of song you expect to get an arena crowd screaming, but nevertheless:

What music takes you back in time?


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One response to “Saturday Dance Party, Latin Alternative Style

  1. Dave Lux

    Esa Noche, what a great song but what the heck is he wearing? I don’t mean just the skirt but the ‘mike stand’ attached to his belly? Really?


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