Pop Quiz

First of all, take a moment to revel in the 1971 glory of this photo.  The pants. The boots. The chevron and plaid and stripes.  Oh, my:

Automatiek / Automat for snacks

I immediately fell in love with those photo.  For its own 1971 Netherlands fabulousness, but also because it immediately reminded me of one of my favorite 1967 books.

So, my pop quiz for you today is: which book is it?



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3 responses to “Pop Quiz

  1. The automat picture reminds me of the Beatles’ album cover for “Yellow Submarine” in 1969. As for the 1967 book, I was too young to read then.


    • That’s a good answer, too. Of course, I had to google it, because in 1967 I was . . . negative twelve years old.

      This is a children’s / middle grade book. If you google “automat children’s book” it will come right up!


  2. Oakes Theresa

    First I thought Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (how do you spell that) but only because it is so 70s – but they go to a museum not an automat.

    Then I bought A Pocket for Corderoy because I’ve been reading that every day to Leo, but that was a laundry mat. sigh – will have to google!


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