The Comfort of Not Knowing All the Words

Chelsea, England, Spelling Lesson, 1912

Zoe sees herself everywhere.

In the pages of her favorite books.  In the little dark-haired doll in her dollhouse.  In whichever Little People figure strikes her fancy that day.

Lately, she sees her name everywhere, too.

She will look up at a sign, point out the “o” and the “e”, and demand to know what has happened to the “z”.  (Pro Tip: Since the sign says “Econofoods”, the answer is: Nothing.  There never was one.)

Usually, I worry that she is self-obsessed (though I hope she is just three years old).  But last night, I was thrilled.  Zoe looked at this, spray painted on the little bridge in the park near our house:


And read this:


Was I slightly disturbed watching my daughter lovingly trace these letters with her innocent little finger?

Was I slightly concerned that she mistook “h” for “z”?

Was I massively relieved that I did not have to answer the question, “What is a hoe, and what does these other words under the word hoe say?”?

In a word:


What words do you wish your child (or children generally) would never learn?  



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2 responses to “The Comfort of Not Knowing All the Words

  1. Liz L.

    Awww. how sweet and innocent. Dave’s niece, who will turn 3 at the end of next month, points out her “letter”, V for Vivian, and then tries to find her sister’s (S), mom’s (K) and dad’s (C) everywhere. It’s awesome.


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