How to Enjoy the Presidential Debates

Romney and Obama

I hate presidential debates.  They make me anxious, and twitchy, and sick to my stomach.

So, I stick to following the debates via my Facebook newsfeed, and maybe a glance at the newspaper the next day.

But now, there’s a better way!  Please join me in enjoying the first 2012 presidential debate in this Bad Lip Reading version.  The nonsensical dubbing is so well done you really believe they’re saying this silly stuff (and if they were, I would totally watch the whole debate):

You know what else would make me watch the debates?  Setting them to music, like this Town Hall Debate Songified:

Who’s gonna work it out, baby?  Who’s gonna work it out?  Indeed.

Do presidential debates make a difference?



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4 responses to “How to Enjoy the Presidential Debates

  1. Jen Kiefer

    Bad lip reading is amazing!! thanks for sharing!


  2. Oakes Theresa

    OM that is some funny stuff!


  3. That is funny! Makes me wNt to lip read the next one. Would make it alot less of what you wrote in the beginning of post. Yeahit agitates my wife somethingfierce but lip reading may make it fun!


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