Advice for a Happy Marriage


Hello, friends!

Here’s one I meant to post before sister Claire’s wedding, but . . . I forgot.  So, now that the honeymoon’s over and Claire and Doug are back in Chicago, here is the marriage advice I clipped out of Jane magazine (remember Jane? remember when it was awesome?) in the spring of 2001.

It’s by Jane’s mom’s mom, “who’s talking from 68 years of marital experience, so take it from her”:

1. You are both in love.

2. You respect one another.

3. You agree on whether and when to have children.

4. You agree on how to manage your finances.

5. You listen to one another whether you agree or disagree.  If you disagree, think how important the issue will be a year hence.

6. You each should have a major interest outside of the marriage, such as a job, a hobby, volunteering, or one of the arts.

7. You laugh at the same things.

8. You are ready to share each other’s joys and disappointments.

9. Don’t marry with the thought that you can easily divorce if you disagree.

10. A long, happy marriage needs lots of work from both.

Good advice, right?  I think some of these tips are good for friendships and other relationships, too.

Bride and groom

What would you add?  What’s the best or worst advice you’ve gotten (or given) about marriage?



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5 responses to “Advice for a Happy Marriage

  1. Great list…I am not qualified to give advice on this, but I think lightening up would be good general advice. It’s so easy to get weighed down by the difficult parts of a marriage and forget to have fun!!


  2. Jenny Olsztynski

    I think you need to not only accept your mate’s flaws but learn to find something to love about those flaws. They never go away. Humor helps. For instance, if Ski were not snoring he might be dead, so I am happy he snores. I think of it as really loud white noise!


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