Beautiful and Precious

I can never decide if Zoe’s baptismal birthday should be celebrated according to date (October 25th) or day (Reformation Sunday).  Usually, we opt for both.  (Pro Tip: Sometimes, more is more.)

So, on this wet and windy morning, Mike went out for the traditional donuts.  I poured some sparkly juice and set out the butterfly plates.  Zoe looked up from Phineas and Ferb when she saw the baptismal candle come out.  She came to the table.

This year, Zoe lit the candle herself.  She put down her donut and listened as I said, “Zoe Marilyn, on this day in 2009 you were washed in the waters of baptism.  Because of this event you never need to doubt that you are a beautiful and precious child of God.”

We prayed, and ate, and pretty soon Mike went out into the wet and windy morning again to take that beautiful and precious child of God to preschool.

It’s nice to have a ritual that is simple, and small, and sweet.

Our camera stopped working today, so please enjoy this early October photo of Zoe the builder, beautiful and precious child of God.

What rituals do you love?


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One response to “Beautiful and Precious

  1. Wonderful remembrance of a very special day! Love the picture of Zoe the Builder…may she will continue to build many beautiful things throughout her life! Blessings to you all.


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