Busy Blessing

Hello, dear people!

I was going to say, “It’s been quite a whirlwind” these last few days in Litchfield, but maybe that’s in bad taste as post tropical frankenstorm hurricane Sandy does her work?  I think probably it is, so . . .

It’s been very busy around here!

The very best kind of busy: I’ve been giving Bibles to fourth graders and helping them get to know their new books; talking with the confirmation kids about grace, faith, and the word of God; studying the Joseph story with a few faithful women; singing and playing with Zoe in between her virtuoso tantrums; drying the dishes while Mike washes them.

The kind of busy that leaves you tired, but all full up.

The sunrise that came with me on the way to church Sunday morning. I believe those dots around the sun are a single snowflake (see the flurries in the background?). If they are not, I don’t want to know.

What’s keeping you busy these days?



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2 responses to “Busy Blessing

  1. We actually drove through your town yesterday.I didn’t want to risk the road construction between St. Augusta and Clearwater. We went to the Mayo Clinic, left on Sunday, stayed in a nice hotel, woke early for 7AM fasting labs, doctor at 9:45… This has really messed with our family’s week.

    But, praises going up! My daughter is finally looking better on paper. She has always looked good in real life. Her blood chemistries just looked like she should have been in the hospital. In fact, a U of M doctor told me she had patients in the hospital with better labs than my little.


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