Haunted House How To

Zoe loved being a (not at all scary) ladybug.

So far, Halloween as a parent is more fun every year.  (I assume this stops at some point, but let’s not worry about that today.)

This year, I thought visiting the Scouts’ Haunted House was a great idea.  From 5:30 to 6:30, the lights would be on.  The posters promised games that sounded fun for little kids.  So, Zoe and I made a date with her friend Sam and his mom.  What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, my friends.

For starters, “lights on” was a pretty loose concept.  It was dark up in there.

Also, there was spooky music.  And surprisingly scary and gory stuff around every corner.  (Way to go, Scouts!  Seriously, impressive work.)

Now, since this was a haunted house, I really had no excuse for being so surprised.  Heather and I hurried through the house of horrors as quickly as we could, clutching our frightened children to our chests and saying, “It’s just pretend!” over and over.

Amazingly, Zoe did not scream like the poor little girl in front of us.  (More amazingly, neither did I.)  I’d like to credit my awesome parental soothing skills, but I think the real hero was a fourth grader from Beckville.  As we entered the too-scary-but-too-late-now haunted house, one of the glowing skeletons waved at me.  “Pastor!” he whispered.

Relieved, I said, “Hi, Sam!  Look, Zoe, it’s our friend Sam from church!”  And sweet Sam lifted up his mask and grinned.  Zoe was still scared, but she was comforted.  There’s just a chance she isn’t scarred for life.

There’s a lesson here, team.  In fact, there are at least two:

1. Haunted houses are scary.

2. If you don’t want to be scared, ask the skeletons to lift up their masks.

If I had been a little faster, you might have seen Zoe’s face under the witch’s hat.

Do you like being scared?  What are your spookiest or silliest Halloween memories?



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3 responses to “Haunted House How To

  1. Jonathan worked at the Haunted House in Scotland this year and at some point he ran over to it to drop something off and Hannah insisted on going with him. It was 6:30 just before it opened. Poor little gal would not even take one step inside. She waited for her dad outside with a person who works there. She calls it the ghost house. The really scary/weird thing is that I was talking to her about Jonathan working there one night and she asked me if he would die. I told her no and that it was all o.k. but I had no clue she even knew what death was. It is amazing what kiddos pick up.


    • Zoe has been talking about death lately, too! I don’t know how much she understands it. This morning we were playing with all her Little People horses, and she lay one down on its side and said, “He’s dead. He got killed.” But he was not dead a minute later. So, who knows?


  2. Jenny Olsztynski

    Cutest Lady Bug I have ever seen!


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