Happy Election Day!

Yes, I voted and then sat in the car taking pictures of the sticker on my coat. I am that person.

Can I tell you something?

I hate political debates, and I hate election season.  I hate all the phone calls, the ads, the name calling, the meanness.

But I love voting.

I’ve been doing it for fourteen years, and it still makes  me a little misty-eyed.  I love waiting in line, I love interacting with the election judges, I love marking my ballot and feeding it into the machine.  I love getting a sticker that tells everyone that I voted.  And even though I’ve backed a lot of candidates who ended up losing, and my husband and I will vote the opposite way on almost everything, I am happy and grateful and proud to cast my vote.

Voting Bonus: I can quickly end the election-related phone calls today by saying, “I already voted!”

Of course I took a picture of the ballot. I would have taken pictures of everything if I hadn’t been slightly embarrassed to do so.



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6 responses to “Happy Election Day!

  1. I love me my voting as well! The whole process is just so American!


  2. I am sure I don’t vote with either you or your husband… but so happy everyone has a voice!


  3. Liz L.

    There were definitely some people taking pictures of themselves exercising their constitutional right to vote in my precinct.


    • Love it! People were not as into it in Litchfield, at least while I was there. To be fair, most of the folks there at 9:15 had been voting for many decades, so . . .


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