Never Had I Ever: Disney Princess Edition

“I thought we weren’t going to do Disney Princess,” said Mike.

And, he’s right.  We weren’t.

But I remember how beautiful I felt in a pink dress with a hoop skirt one Halloween.  And I remember how my best friend Sarah and I used to pretend we were famous singers, wearing her mother’s fancy full slips as evening gowns (my stage name was Orchid).

So, a few days after Halloween, I found myself combing the racks of 70% off Halloween costumes at Target (and 50% Halloween costumes at Wal-Mart–so, I’m obsessed) for dress up clothes for Zoe.

“I thought we weren’t going to do Disney Princess,” Mike said, “and now we have two Disney Princess dresses.”

But we also have a very happy little Cinderella / Tinker Bell (technically a Disney Fairy) / fire fighter (her interests are varied).

As every parent knows, there is always room to surprise yourself as a parent.  It might be the cliched phrases you swore you’d never utter.  It might be the expensive toys or baby gear you promised you’d never buy.  It might be the traditions you never imagined you’d treasure.

For me this week, it’s the Disney dresses I never thought I’d buy.  Turns out?  They make me pretty happy, too.

How have you surprised yourself?



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10 responses to “Never Had I Ever: Disney Princess Edition

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    Becoming a ‘nanny’ to my grandchildren! Vivi spent most of yesterday in her purple blanket sleepers with the Aurora princess dress over it. With 2 big sisters, we have ALL the princess dresses. So buy them up and Zoe will have endless dress-up opportunities!


    • How fun, Jenny! I do hope that (someday in the future) we have another girl in the family, if only to take advantage of Zoe’s great clothes and dress up collection. I was hoping to find a Belle dress, too–that’s the other princess Zoe likes best. Maybe next year!


  2. Elle Belle

    If I do recall correctly, I was with my mom and your mother when I got my first Disney princess costume….Cinderella! Probably at Old Orchard or something. Must be in the genes 🙂


  3. Isabelle Spike

    I also had a pink dress with a hoop skirt!! And it was my FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD when I was 4 & 5. I would highly recommend finding scarves at thrift stores for dress-up– my favorite aunt had a giant basket of scarves (pashminas, smaller ones, dressy, not-so-dressy, etc) and it provided hours of dress-up entertainment (and some hilarious and still-enjoyed home movies of me putting on “fashion shows”).


    • I love it, Isabelle! We do have three or four scarves / pashminas in the dress up bin, but maybe I should start looking for more and keep them in their own basket or box, so we can use them with music, too–throwing them, waving them, et cetera. (Although, when we had the scarves out at music class last time, Zoe soon put hers on her head like a veil and said, “Look! I’m Aunt Claire!”).

      I just learned from the librarians that Zoe wore her purple princess dress to story time this week (she went with Mike’s mom). So, that would have been a good home movie, too.


  4. We don’t celebrate Halloween. But, in the past I did go to the stores after Halloween to fill my dress up box. I didn’t this year. My kids are a large 7-year-old boy (by that I mean he wore a hemmed up adult 32-slim pair of dress slacks to my nephew’s wedding) and a 9-year-old girl. He needed adult costumes. I wasn’t too keen on gory. She? Well, she doesn’t need to dress up like a Bratz doll cheerleader, a scantily clad pirate maiden… so we skipped it this year. I guess that stage is over. Heartbroken.

    Enjoy these years! Princess dress and all!


    • Oh, that is very sad, Julie! I do not look forward to the end of dress ups. Maybe some thrift store shopping is in order, if your kids are still into dressing up–you could get old prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses, suit jackets, work shirts, trench coats, ties, hats, scarves, big jewelry, that kind of thing? I can see that, at least if we want to buy a costume at Target, we don’t have too many more years before our options are limited to the unappealing ones you describe.


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