Fortunately . . . Unfortunately (Or, New Fuel Pumps for Everyone!)

Louis Léopold Boilly - Les grimaces

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed some of your friends doing the Thankful Thirty (or maybe you’re doing it yourself).  Each day, you share something for which you’re thankful.  It’s a nice way to get in the holiday spirit.  And by holiday, I mean Thanksgiving, because it is still November, everyone.

So, I was going to do a blessings post like that, where I shared all the little blessings I’ve received lately.  Extra days from the librarian on season one of Boardwalk Empire.  A spescial 28% discount at my favorite Litchfield store.  That kind of thing.

But it turns out that this week is more of a Fortunately / Unfortunately kind of week.  So, here we go . . .

Fortunately, Zoe had her first dance recital Friday night.

Unfortunately, also Friday night, our car wouldn’t start.

Fortunately, we got a ride from Mike’s parents.

Unfortunately, our car still wouldn’t start on Saturday.

Fortunately, a local garage put a new battery in that day.  Also fortunately, Mike got a job as a security guard at Menards, so we can pay for the new battery!

Unfortunately, our car stopped working again while Mike was driving home from his first day of job training.

Fortunately, a tow truck from the local garage was able to go and get him.

Unfortunately, the tow truck stopped working as they pulled into town.

Fortunately, we only  have to pay for the new fuel pump that our car needs.  (Although, I think I know how the local garage can pay for the new fuel pump for the tow truck.)

[Model T 23 on a bridge with a man towing the car.]

Unfortunately, neither our car nor the truck that towed it are as fabulous as the ones pictured here.

What fortunate and unfortunate things are happening for you this week?



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5 responses to “Fortunately . . . Unfortunately (Or, New Fuel Pumps for Everyone!)

  1. Susan Latzke

    Unfortunately as the Treasurer of your Church ! I get the hint , you need a raise !!! LOL !!!! As our Budget meeting is next month I will share your unfortunate story . I am still Laughing !!!!! We love you Maggie !!!


  2. Unfortunately, there was a huge hairy spider on the floor of my office when I got home the other night. Fortunately there was still a can of Raid in my bathroom (a parting gift from my internship congregation who knows I don’t like bugs). Unfortunately that (about a half cup’s worth, I’d guess) did not kill it, and I had to sacrifice a nearby magazine as a buffer between it and my shoe. Fortunately, I had the courage to lift the magazine up to be sure it was dead and it was. Unfortunately, the room still smells like Raid days later and I walk through my house furtively looking for more spiders. Fortunately my kitty makes funny noises when she sees insects and the like, so she’s a good first alert system. Also fortunately, a few of my confirmands want to make some money sweeping up the dead bugs in my house, garage, basement…and that would be less food for future spiders I hope. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be outgrowing my aversion to spiders. Fortunately I wasn’t called to the SW where they have tarantulas and snakes and lizards. Very fortunately!


  3. Fortunately you don’t own the cool car. They are famous for needing impossible parts and having heaters and defrosters that don’t work well and NO AC in the summer.

    Unfortunately, just when we think our ducks are in a row, one goes the other way and they all scatter.

    Fortunately it all makes us Thankful for what is important and helps us remember a bigger picture.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and your congregation. 😀


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