The Joys of Christian Parenting

The Good

When your child has worn you out with her constant “Why?” questions, you can end the string of queries with the answer, “Because God made them that way.”  (Pro Tip: This is the Christian version of “Because I said so.”)

The Bad

When your child is lobbying for more TV time, she has this weapon in her arsenal: “But . . . but, God wants me to watch the rest of the movie.”  (Pro Tip: This is the Christian version of “But I really, really want to.”)

The Theologically Challenging

When you coax your child to put her coat on, saying, “It’s a new coat, with snowflakes on it!  Maybe this coat will make it snow!”, and immediately regret making this claim, your child will come to your rescue with this response: “God makes it snow!  We can’t make it snow!”  (Pro Tip: If God controls the weather, does that mean that God sends hurricanes and other natural disasters?  Do you want to discuss this with a three-year-old?)

What good, bad, challenging encounters have you had this week?



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3 responses to “The Joys of Christian Parenting

  1. Jenny Olsztynski

    Lots and it is only Wednesday!
    ‘I love you Mimi’…from all the girls.
    ‘I don’t want to pick up toys’…maybe I will tell them God wants them to so this.
    ‘I love chicken on a stick.’ Sophie loving her chicken satay.
    ‘I pooped’….getting two year olds to tell you this is a step in the right direction.
    And best of all Vivi told her Mom that ‘Mimi is my rose today ‘….at dinner they talk about their buds (something that surprised them)’, thorns (disappointments), and roses (best part of the day).

    Wish Zoe could come and play with all of them!


  2. Liz L.

    That Zoe facepalm picture is fantastic!
    challenges unrelated to children-it ‘rained’ inside the lab this morning due to negligent workers above over zealously cleaning out their cement buckets.


  3. I want to go back to a time… when challenging parenting encounters had to do with too much television. My daughter asked me, “I still believe in God, but he says in the Bible that if we just believe in him He will help us overcome all obstacles and we will suffer no more. Why am I still here suffering when I can’t even see my son. That doesn’t sound like a merciful God to me…”

    And, I had to ask her where God promises to take away your obstacles and remind her that Paul had a thorn in his flesh that was never healed. All we are promised is salvation and sanctification… and the power to live well inspite of… Blech.


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