Life and Death and Lullaby

Yesterday morning I visited an older man before he had a big, scary surgery.  It’s been a very stressful week for him and his family as they made the decision to go ahead with the surgery.  We’ve been talking about death a lot.

But when I walked into the hospital room, his granddaughter was showing him a picture of his newest great grandchild, born just six hours earlier in a hospital an hour away.

And as we visited, a few bars of Brahms Lullaby suddenly came over the PA system.  Another family member smiled and said, “A baby was just born!”

The lullaby played again a moment later.  The nurse grinned and added, “Maybe twins!”

What a sweet and lovely thing.  To share the arrival of a baby with everyone in a hospital, to give those who are sick, suffering, worried, or in pain a chance to look up, smile, and think about new life.

What’s making you smile this weekend?

Video Bonus: My dad sang this song to my sister and me, in German, every night.  So, what I really want is a video of him singing it, but instead, how about Pavarotti, Carreras, and Domingo?

Want more?  Look around on YouTube and you can find all kinds of versions of this lullaby.  Including one with Nat King Cole, singing an English version, over a montage of sleeping kitten photos.  Which is apparently a thing.  Have fun, everybody!


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