Riding in (1970s) Style

I don’t have much to say about this pair of photos, except that I love them, and I  love them even more together:

Youngster in a Stroller Awaits His Family in New Ulm Minnesota...

Gorgeous, right?  The plaid, the stripes, the feet resting comfortably on the stroller bar.

And then, this delight:

Tricycle Club of the Century Village Retirement Community Meets Each Morning.

I think I need to get a grown up tricycle immediately, before Zoe is old enough to be embarrassed.

What caption would you give these beauties?

P.S. To see the Tricycle Club from the front, click here.  



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2 responses to “Riding in (1970s) Style

  1. Jane

    My friend has an adult trike with 2 rear-facing side-by-side child seats in the back. I am very jealous of her.


  2. Hoping everything is ok as you haven’t posted in a while.


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